About Us

Trailer Wizards Ltd.

Trailer Wizards Ltd. is Canada's largest and national providers of flexible commercial trailer fleet solutions. Our number one objective is an awesome customer experience. With a fleet of more than 23,000 trailers, over 20 locations, a team of expert technicians, and a leadership team committed to continuous improvement processes, we deliver an industry leading customer experience. Trailer Wizards Ltd. is there where you do business, whether you need to rent a trailer, lease a trailer, perform trailer maintenance, book a storage trailer, buy trailer parts, or even when your rented or leased fleet needs roadside assistance across North America.

Put our award-winning trailer expertise to work for you.

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Trailer Wizards Ltd. is again a winner of the Top Fleet program.

Our History

It all started in 1963, when founder Carl Vanderspek started the trailer business and began operations under the name of Commercial Trailer Rentals. Over the next couple of decades the business and fleet grew by acquisition out West in BC, and expanded operations into Edmonton in 1979 which directly contributed to the company's profitable growth over the next few years. In 1985 the company had 1,000 trailers and The Lions Gate Trailers brand was born. The 1990's faced some struggles due to the down turn in economy, but we came out strong by reinvesting in our western operations. In the early 2000's we expanded operations in Edmonton, AB and began acquiring more companies to help grow the business. With an acquisition in Eastern Canada in 2006, we were able to open facilities in Hamilton, Mississauga and Montreal while adding 3,700 additional trailers to our fleet. Over the next few years the business flourished with acquisitions of additional trailers and facilities in Kitchener, London, Quebec City, Moncton, Winnipeg, Langley, Delta, Saskatoon, Regina, and Mississauga.

We have truly become the only coast-to-coast trailer solutions provider in Canada. We celebrated 50 years of dependable service in 2013 while expanding operations in Ontario. We continue to grow the business across the country and provide dependable, reliable safe trailer solutions.