trailer rentals.

Local Service... Nationwide!

It's our belief at Trailer Wizards, if you're in Calgary, a Calgary staff member should serve you. The same goes for Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver, Moncton and everywhere else in Canada. We call it "Local Service... Nationwide" and you can experience our brand of service in over 25 strategic locations across Canada.


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Why rent a trailer from us?

Whether you are looking for a low-maintenance option with fixed costs to grow your fleet or dealing with an unplanned disruption to your supply chain, it’s good to know that our rental trailers are available at a moment’s notice. We have the country’s largest rental fleet of different trailer types to meet your exact needs. Our equipment is always reliable, well-maintained, clean and of the best quality. Our costs are fixed and we won’t lock you into a long-term contract. Learn More



Trailer Leasing - Lease a trailer you’ll be proud to show off

If you are in the market for a trailer, and you want something new, consider our trailer leasing options. We can help you maintain your professional image and avoid creating a mismatched, broken-down fleet. You can customize your trailer lease without getting locked into a contract that doesn’t suit your specifications. Learn More



Trailer Storage - The smart choice for instant storage

Do you have seasonal stock overload and a shortage of warehouse space? Keep your goods safe and secure with storage trailer from Trailer Wizards. Our storage trailers are one of the most cost-effective solutions for temporary storage of goods. They’re dry, secure, safe and readily available for long- or short-term use. You can even decal them as billboards, promoting your company’s message. They’re roomy, too - 53 feet gives you over 4,000 cubic feet! Learn More



Trailer Sales - Grow your fleet the smart way!

Ready to grow your fleet and build out your assets? We can help you lower your operating costs while balancing the number of trailers you own with the number you rent or lease. The experts at Trailer Wizards understand your fleet requirements and have the products and options available to meet your exact needs. Learn More



Trailer Parts – Where and when you need them

Big or small, every part of your trailer can cause major disruptions to your productivity if they go missing or get damaged. As Canada’s largest trailer company, we also have nationwide parts departments that can quickly assess your problem and get the right part for the job – quickly. Learn More



Trailer Maintenance – We’ll help keep your business moving!

Trailer maintenance can seem like a necessary evil. Downtime costs money and causes stress. Missed appointments can carry expensive shipper fines. You may not be sure what you need to pass provincially-certified inspections and shipper requirements that are crucial in keeping your business moving. Learn More